Monday, August 16, 2010

Enjoy Your Shower with Music through the Bossini Aquavalo Shower

How much do you enjoy singing in the shower but you just can’t bring your music gadget in? Well, now you can with the new Bossini Aquavalo Shower. The device comes with a holder for MP3 and iPods giving you the leisure of enjoying to your favorite music while taking a shower. Another great feature of the shower is the LED lights adjustable to any color. It will absolutely give you another step of shower experience. There’s more; the water control of Bossini Aquavalo is adjustable to waterfall and rainfall effect. What you get with this? Good sound background, access with preferred lighting and the rest is yet to find out. You can access their website here.

Waterfall Shower Mode in Green LED Setting
Special MP3/iPod Holder

Rainfall Shower Mode in Blue LED Setting

You can access their website here.


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