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Home Tips on How to Get Rid of Pet Hair

Pets can excite and charm us in their own ways. They can even relieve our stress after a stressful day of work. However, problem arises with them when their hair started to fall off on carpets, sofas and other upholsteries. These are favorite places of our pets, making pet hair removal a constant struggle. It has become part of our daily household chores and as always it occupies most of our time.

It is very hard to get rid of these unwanted pet hairs because they stick on the fabric. However, one doesn’t have to buy expensive tools just for the intention of it because there are remedies which you can get from your household and are proven to be very effective in doing the task. Read on and know what these inexpensive ways of removing pet hairs are.

Since, these pet hairs adhere too much on our furniture, which are fabric, of course. Then, a fabric softener will aid in breaking the strong bond and will loosen the hairs’ adherence. Mix a small amount of it with water and put the solution in a spraying bottle. Be very careful in spraying so as not to wet the entire area. When you spray, hold the bottle a few inches away from the furniture to make sure those only tiny particles of the solution will get in contact with pet hairs. Leave the area to dry. A few minutes will do. After which, remove the hairs using a vacuum.

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Another way is to use adhesive tapes. One known tape to do the removal of pet hairs is the duct tape. Its stickiness is enough to remove the hairs from carpets and sofas. How to do this? It is very simple. Just wrap around your hand the duct tape with the sticky portion out then press it on the area where pet hairs are. Don’t rub just pat on the area slowly. Repeat the process until nothing is left. For larger affected areas you can cut out a piece of duct tape covering the whole area and directly put the tape on. After a few seconds, rip it off slowly.

Last home tip and perhaps the most common one is by using rubber hand gloves. You can use any type as long as it is rubber. Wear the glove and rub on the part where pet hairs are present. Then, you will notice that these hairs are clumping together forming balls of hair. The static friction between the rubber glove and hair has caused this. Now, the hairs are easier to remove.


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