Thursday, August 19, 2010

Running Out of Storage Room? Make Use of Your Ceiling

As much as possible we want our house to look organized focusing on areas like the living room, kitchen and bedrooms but we oftentimes forget to give attention to the garage. A garage is a multi-purpose space which houses your car and at the same time serves as a storage room for junks and other necessary things that you seldom use like fishing tools, which you can only use for holidays or during family vacations, Christmas decors and any other things that comes in season. And the clutter cannot be avoided in the garage especially that these things keeps on adding up as the year counts.

The thought of just because the garage is a storage room it doesn’t need to look arranged and organized is something not an option. It is still part of the house that needs to be cleaned up once in a while with all what’s inside it in order. However, problem will arise if your garage doesn’t have enough space anymore and you still have those boxes and boxes of stuffs piling up in one corner. Did you know that you can make use of your garage ceiling as an extra storage room? Yes, you can. Just be creative in re-using what’s already there and one of those is to transform your vacant ceiling into a room where you can keep your extra junks.

Utilizing your unused ceiling into a useful storage area doesn’t only limit to the ceiling of your garage. If you have basements and attics you can as well make use of the ceilings of these rooms for storage purposes. Depending on your needs you can put some racks in there for hangers, cabinets or the boxes that are so unsightly away from one’s sight. Once you have decided to make use of your ceiling you can start considering the space provided; organize as to what things you want to put in there whether you want it as an extra closet, a mini library for your book collection and so on. Try also to consider the durability of your ceiling too if it can hold the items that you wish to place.

Your ceiling can also be a storage room for your lengthy and pointed things like the fishing rod, as mentioned earlier, gardening tools and other spare home necessities like the bulbs, switches and flashlights. Camping set-ups can also be kept in the ceiling storage. The internet will make a good source of ideas on how to design the space and how to deal with the organization. There are online sites that provide calculations of how to get the maximum space for a given ceiling measurement. Tips and assistances are also being presented there.

Your home is a reflection of your personality; not just your living room nor bedroom but all the parts that make up your home and that includes those areas we call storage rooms. If extra space is the solution for keeping these rooms organized make use of your ceilings and you will be able to achieve a clutter-free garage and storage spaces.


Dina said...

I like this idea! I also have a room with this ceiling & beams that really stump my brain! Now I know how to improve storage beautifully!

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