Thursday, September 23, 2010

Innovative Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchens are known to be the heart of the home. Kitchen decorating or remodeling could take some time of planning and considering kitchen decors and furniture to put in. However, major renovations could cost you a lot. But if you try to look at it closely, you can spice up your kitchen with minimal expenditures and have it in your own style of preference. It just takes a part of your creativeness and effort
Today, kitchen area has become a multi-functional venue. It can be used as studying area, another living room, or a place for family conferences. Reason for this is the extensive variety of kitchen designs surfacing for more functionality, accessibility and maximization the space provided.

Anyone could do kitchen decorating and make his kitchen look great. Planning ahead could save more time and money making use of the available resources. Try browsing the web for kitchen decorations and get ideas and information from them.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Morumbi Residence – The Top of the Hill House

This residential house is designed by Drucker Arquitectura located on the top of Morumbi. The design is manifested by large windows, open balconies and modern interior of green architectural concepts. For more details click here.


Black Lace Furniture Collection – Elegant Outdoor Furniture Pieces

This Black Lace Collection is from Simple Living described as a woman in black ever elegant to match any occasion. You can have this set in your porch, along the pool area or garden without disturbing the balance of interior atmosphere that you have. Black Lace Collection is known for its subtle yet high-impact trademark, making it the favorite of most interior designers. The snow-flake weaved designs are very classic projecting interesting patterns both for modern or urban settings.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Col-Letto Bed: Another Sleeping Time Experience from Lago

If you are having sleeping problems then this bed is designed for you. It comes with a collar intended to block vision that may catch your attention, making you more awake during your sleeping hours. Another feature of this collar is to block the noise or any sound from the outside. All that this Col-letto Bed provides is a good and sound sleep. The collar can be adjusted too depending on your preference. You can either keep it standing that way or roll it down. The mattress is very soft as well perfect for a wonderful sleep and a good wake up time. Click here to visit Lago.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Car-inspired Hotel Rooms at V8 Hotel in Germany

How great is it to sleep on your favorite luxury car with the comfort of your own bed? You can have this experience at V8 Hotel in Germany. The interior of the hotel is inspired by cars and car spare parts. The concept started because the hotel itself is found in Stuttgart known to be the German International Center of automakers. Car beds range from Morris Minor to Mercedes Benz. If you think you can’t afford to have one, well, at least, you can have a good sleep on them. Come to think about it!

Room rates range from 120 to 360 €.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stylish Pods for Your Air Plants

Do you have interior plants at home? Well, probably, these are air plants that you have in the corner of the room hanging freely. Air plants will definitely not withstand the water like most plants do and drops or puddles of water left in their leaves can eventually harm them. So, Michael McDowell designed a very unique pod for these air plants. They are inverted to make sure that water will not stay. The pods are ceramic in white, taupe and black glaze. This is a stylish and cool way of hanging your favorite indoor plants.


Have a Bite of GILApple Lamps

Hold your bite there as these apples aren’t the real fruits. These are lamps designed very much similar to real apples that you eat. However, these ones are only for table tops or any area that needs illumination. GILApple Lamps can act both as a lamp and a décor too for your living room, bedroom or even kitchen. You can avail these in juicy red color, white and black. Your interior will never be hungry again when it comes to delicious decorations. For more information, click here. Take a look of the photos below.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wha Cabinet: A Lamp and Cabinet in One

What’s interesting about modern furniture now is its ability to cater to many purposes. Take for example this Wha Cabinet by Tembolat Gugkaev; it’s indeed a cabinet during the day but becomes a lamp which you can use when night time comes. What a brilliant idea, isn’t it? The shape of the cabinet is very sexy in curve which can complement any modern home interior. The shelves of the Wha Cabinet are also lighted with different colors in orange, yellow, green and blue. Click here for more details.
With the main light on:
With the main and back light on shelves on:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Running Out of Storage Room? Make Use of Your Ceiling

As much as possible we want our house to look organized focusing on areas like the living room, kitchen and bedrooms but we oftentimes forget to give attention to the garage. A garage is a multi-purpose space which houses your car and at the same time serves as a storage room for junks and other necessary things that you seldom use like fishing tools, which you can only use for holidays or during family vacations, Christmas decors and any other things that comes in season. And the clutter cannot be avoided in the garage especially that these things keeps on adding up as the year counts.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Valises: Luggage-inspired Closets by Casamania

Maarten De Ceulaer has converted the idea of luggage for traveling into static closets for Casamania. This closet is made up of six pieces of luggage in different sizes stack on one another resembling a real cabinet storage idea.
See other color combination of Valises:

Close up features reveal stitches just like the real suitcases and luggage.
Click here to go to Casamania for more details.
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